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Northern Sheetmetal Fabricators

Partusch Plumbing & Heating’s sister-company Northern Sheetmetal Fabricators has been designing HVAC systems for homes and multi-family new construction projects for over 25 years. The company specializes in installing and servicing HRVs, HVACs, air exchange systems, ductwork and new forced air and ventilations systems including fans and range exhausts. 


The company’s experienced staff, workmanship and customer service make them leaders in their industry. Northern Sheetmetal Fabricators’ shop has the ability to manufacture anything the crew needs and the company installs all of the systems it carries and can troubleshoot the equipment for customers. The company carries only the latest in technology and guarantees high-quality installations.   


Northern Sheetmetal Fabricators is committed to customer service and the community of Anchorage. The company has completed over 20 projects for Habitat for Humanity and donates time and money to many youth sports and other charitable organizations.

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