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Partusch Plumbing & Heating 

Employer paid apprenticeships give students the opportunity to become journeyman plumbers without racking up several thousand dollars in debt. Careers as a journeyman plumbers offer competitive salaries, benefits and steady work across the country.


Partusch’s apprenticeship program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) which sets strict standards for training requirements and hours, tool usage and safety. Each student receives a registration number which allows training hours to be monitored and verified as they continue through the program and into their careers. Apprenticeships are a valuable commodity because students must enroll through an approved company that is registered with the DOL, like Partusch.


Apprenticeships are based on 8,000 hours and four years of corresponding school. Through Partusch’s program, students enroll through Alaska’s Institute of Technology (AVTEC). A Partusch employee serves as a proctor for the program, overseeing the enrollment, testing and training. Partusch also pays the enrollment fees for students which totals nearly $4,000 over the course of four years, relieving students of a heavy financial burden.


Students interested in the apprenticeship program must have a high school diploma or GED. Reading and strong math skills are required. The program totals four years and is divided into one-year sections. Each year students learn valuable skills needed for future careers in the field. Students receive a book through AVTEC at the beginning of the year that includes tests for the students. A minimum score of 70 percent must be achieved on all tests.


Once the students have completed the program and 8,000 hours they are eligible to take the state plumbing exam for journeyman status. They remain in the DOL program until they become a journeyman plumber.

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